Monday, February 16, 2015

And the Oscar for Ecosystem Services goes to...

There's a new French documentary out with the compelling English title of Banking Nature, by Sandrine Feydel and Denis Delestrac.  The title in French is a little more clear about the aim at the financialization of nature rather than wetland and habitat banking per se: Nature, the new El Dorado of Finance.  It aired February 2nd on Arte and looks very well done.  Check out the trailer:

However, I'm someone who hated the Oscar-winning documentary Inside Job because of the way the interviewer simply wanted to beat up his interview subjects and score points with an audience who is scared and confused about finance.  As much as I agreed with his points, I think the film was damaging to critics of finance and the editing was pure partisan hackery.  Let's hope this documentary brings critical force to bear in a way that is genuinely educational -- more Life and Debt, less Inside Job.

While we're on the topic of movies about ecosystem services, Best Short Satire goes to a fun little piece on how Biodiversity Offsetting can make your dreams come true...

Biodiversity offsetting, making dreams come true from Global Motion on Vimeo.

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