Monday, January 23, 2012


I have no time for Facebook games -- hell, I don't have time to read for fun or watch TV.  But if you do, you might enjoy this Web Thing from the University of Washington - Bothell.   It's a Farmville-type game that involves restoring wetlands... Search for "UWB Wetlands" on FB.  Grist writes it up here with more snark than I can care enough to summon.

I mean, I'm not against computer games -- I spent most of 1985 playing Wizardry and Choplifter on my Apple ][e.  But in the current era of slippage between digital and physical worlds, does this game run the risk of having players think that this actually substitutes for effective conservation measures? I think EPA/Corps better issue guidance pronto making it crystal clear that playing UW Bothell Wetlands Restoration does not qualify as compensatory mitigation for unavoidable permitted impacts to wetlands, streams or other waters of the United States under 40 CFR 230.10(a-d).  OK?

Now, what they REALLY need is a Facebook game teaching us how to apply the draft jurisdiction guidance.  But be warned, if you apply "significant nexus" to include ecological relations, Scalia will totally FB block you.

(h/t to Patrick Bigger)

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