Monday, October 22, 2012

Home News: On Wisconsin!

I've had a wonderful time as a faculty member at the University of Kentucky, and it is truly a stellar Department of Geography, with colleagues that can't be beat.  But it's time to for me to return to my Midwestern roots -- I've accepted an Assistant Professor position at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and we will be relocating in December.

First, let me pause to remember a giant of physical geography and a father of fluvial geomorphology -- Wisconsin professor Jim Knox passed on October 6th, just after retiring last spring.  A dedicated scholar, a winner of almost every major award in our discipline, and one of the truly great mentorly characters ever to wander Science Hall and the hills of southwestern Wisconsin.  It was once said to me that he spent his life trying to understand the river that flowed through his boyhood backyard -- that seems like the best way to spend one's life as a scholar.

Second, let me in the spirit of promoting my new department, boast about the UW-Madison Geography student who (along with two others) won the 2012 NACIS Student Dynamic Map Competition for creating an interactive map -- The Wetlands Gem Viewer -- "developed in partnership with the Wisconsin Wetlands Association with the goal of providing an online and engaging spatial catalog of information about critical wetlands areas in the Milwaukee metropolitan area."

Video tutorial and live demo of the award-winning interactive map.  Keep an eye on those Cheeseheads -- they'll map the wetlands from right under your feet.  

Edit: See the memoriam page here, and note the clickable donation to the James Knox Geography Community Building Fund.

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