Monday, June 17, 2013

Timelines and Time-outs

This Clean Water Act Timeline does a far better-than-average job of covering the grainy details of certain key moments over the past 40 years of CWA jurisprudence and policy.  Big props to Rose Ellen O'Connor for putting it together.  It dives into Callaway, Avoyelles, Tulloch, Rapanos and the rest of the rogues gallery of litigants that have shaped the current regulatory program.

The only thing missing are hotlinks to the opinions and regulations themselves, which is of course precisely what will be available on the Clean Water Act Regulatory Timeline (CWART) that will debut on my research site later this year!

This and much more will be possible from my new perch at the Geography Department at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.  I've had to give up my fancy Kentucky plates, but the density of the wetland landscape here, and the intensity of the policy debate, more than makes up for it.  Watch this space for a return to the commentary on ecosystem services and wetland regulatory policy that I had to set aside during my turbulent mid-year move to Wisconsin and subsequent first-semester acclimatization and course development marathon.  Apologies for the time-out!

Farewell, Kentucky!

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  1. I am glad you have kept this great blog going after your move!